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AT A UKRAINIAN HOTEL (American view)


¬торник, 19 »юн€ 2007 г. 14:27 + в цитатник
In Ukraine, a hotel is more than a place to spend the night. It's a travel agency, a bank, a restaurant, a bar, a beauty parlor, and a ticket window. Traditionally run by Inturyst for the convenience of foreign tourists, hotels theoretically offered all the services a traveler might desire. Now accustomed to the influx of businesspersons and other well-heeled travelers, hotels no longer regard tour groups as special.
Through joint ventures, a few luxury hotels have opened up in major cities and tourist destinations. The ambience, service, and meals in these hotels are comparable to that in good European or American hotels, but expect prices to be higher in Ukraine. Older hotels in large cities are renovating their lobbies and restaurants and refurbishing their rooms, floor by floor. Their rates have gone up substantially. (Ukrainian citizens pay only a fraction of what foreigners are charged.) Leading hotels in large cities accept credit cards, while payment in smaller cities and towns is in cash only.
Availability and price of rooms vary with the season and location. In Kyiv, it's easier and cheaper to get a hotel room in the winter, while in smaller towns that are off the beaten track, hotel rooms are almost always available without reservations. Rooms in small towns are much cheaper than those in large cities, but these hotels are unlikely to be up to Western standards.
Remember that the lobby is on the "ground floor" and the floor above is the "first floor." Expect your room to have a TV set and a small refrigerator; the bathroom is likely to have a scant supply of toilet paper and Ч according to European custom Ч towels, but no washcloths. In many hotels, the water rarely runs hot, but leading hotels often have their own water heating system.
Be cautious in large tourist hotels, especially those with bars and casinos. Try to look as inconspicuous as possible. Leave expensive jewelry at home, and don't flash money. It's risky to leave your valuables in your room, and safety deposit boxes are not usually available or are unsafe
–убрики:  английский

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¬торник, 19 »юн€ 2007 г. 14:24 + в цитатник

I. In Ukrainian we can freely change the position of words in the sentence.
II. In English the order of words is very important, because English words have hardly any inflections, and their relation to each other is shown by their place in the sentence and not by their form. The order of words in English is a fixed rule: the subject, the predicate, objects, adverbial modifiers.
III. The order of words in which the subject is placed after the predicate is called inverted order, or inversion.
Inversion occurs in the following cases:

1. In questions which are not put to the subject.
~ Where can I find a more interesting book?
~ Are they still at home?
~ Who can answer my question?

2. In exclamatory sentences expressing wish in which the verb is in the Subjunctive Mood.
~ May you be happy and healthy.

3. When the sentence is introduced by THERE
~ There was no wind.
~ There have been many such incidents.

4. In the following constructions:
~ You can do it. Ц So can I.
~ I must leave now. Ц So must I.
~ I have never liked detective stories. Ц Neither have I.

5. In sentences introducing direct speech.
~ УThis is what I wantФ, said my friend.
~ УI think itТs all delightfulФ, murmured Emily.

Inversion may be the result of emphasis, when the author wishes to produce a certain stylistic effect. Here we must distinguish between the following cases.

6. The adverbial modifier of place or time opens the sentence (what is rare).in this case the subject is generally modified by a phrase or a clause:
~ Down below spread the town with its wide streets, beautiful buildings, bridges and green parks.

7. Adverbial modifiers expressed by such words as SO, THUS, THEN, HERE, NOW, THERE open the sentence. In this case the subject is expressed by a noun.
~ Thus began their friendship.
~ There she goes. (the subject is expressed by a pronoun).

8. An adverbial modifier with a negative meaning opens the sentence NEVER, IN VAIN, LITTLEЕ
~ Never have I been so happy as now.

9. The sentence starts with:
- The emphatic particle only
(not only Е but)
- the adverbs hardly, scarcely (correlated with the conjunction when)
- the adverb no sooner (correlated with the conjunction than)
- the conjunction nor
~ Only then did he understand it.
~ Hardly did I enter the room I noticed my friend waiting for me.

10. Adverbial modifier of manner expressed by adverbs open the sentence.
~ Loudly and cheerfully did the children greet him.
~ Calmly and attentively did they listen to his story.

11. SO followed by and adverbial modifier opens the sentence.
~ So loudly did he speak that everybody could hear him.

Inversion occurs
12. In vivid speech when the sentence begins with an adverb of direction: IN, OUT, AWAY, DOWN (if the subject is expressed by a noun):
~ Out came the chaise.
~ In rushed the others.
~ Off went the gun.
Down he rushed (the subject is expressed by a pronoun).

13. When an object or an adverbial modifier expressed by a word-group with NOT AЕ, MANY A Е opens the sentence:
~ Not a single mistake did he make.
~ Many a sleepless night did she spend.

14. When a predicate (sometimes preceded by SO or expressed by SUCH) opens the sentence (if the subject is expressed by a noun).
~ So cold was the night that they made a fire.
~ Bright and sunny was the morning when he started.
~ Such were the events of the day.
~ A gloomy day it was. (the subject is expressed by a pronoun).

15. In clauses of concession where the predicate is followed by the conjunction AS (if the subject is expressed by a noun).
~ Cold as was the weather, I plunged into it.
~ Hard as it was, we did it. (the subject is expressed by a pronoun)

16. In conditional clauses in the Subjunctive Mood when the conjunction IF is not used and not only with the verbs: HAD, WAS, WERE, SHOULD, COULD:
~ Had I more time, I should come to see you more often.
~ Were it not so late, I should go to the library.

17. Any word can be made emphatic by prefacing it with the words IT IS or IT WAS and using a clause after it.
~ It was he who did it.
~ It was here that I saw them for the first time.
–убрики:  английский

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You can soar higher than you've ever dreamed


¬торник, 19 »юн€ 2007 г. 14:11 + в цитатник
¬алерка (»ностранные_€зыки) все записи автора YOU CAN SOAR HIGHER than YOUТVE EVER DREAMED
Articles # 40
Set yourself free from anything that might hinder you
In becoming the person you want to be.

Free yourself from the uncertainties
About your abilities or the worth of your dreams,
From the fears that you may not be able to achieve them
Or that they wonТt be what you wanted.

Set yourself free from the past.
The good things from yesterday are still yours in memory,
The things you want to forget you will,
For tomorrow is only a sunrise away.

Free yourself from regret or guilt
And promise to live this day as fully as you can.

Set yourself free from the expectations of others,
And never feel guilty or embarrassed if
You do not live up to their standards.

You are most important to yourself;
Live by what you feel is best and right for you.

Others will come to
Respect your integrity and honesty.

Set yourself free to simply be yourself,
You mill soar higher than youТve ever dreamed.
Edmund OТNeill
–убрики:  английский

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Dream Big


¬торник, 19 »юн€ 2007 г. 14:10 + в цитатник
¬алерка (»ностранные_€зыки) все записи автора DREAM BIG
Articles: # 23
If there were ever a time to dare
To make a difference
To embark on something worth doing, it is now.
Not for any grand cause, necessarily Ц but for something that tugs at your heart
Something thatТs your aspiration
Something thatТs your dream.
You owe it to yourself
To make your days here count.
Have fun.
Dig deep.
Dream big.

Know, though, that thing worth doing
Seldom comes easy.
There will be good days.
And there will be bad days.
There will be times when you want to turn around
Pack it up
And call it quits.
Those times tell you
That you are pushing yourself
That you are not afraid to learn by trying.


Because with an idea
Determination, and the right tools
You can do great things.
Let your instincts
Your intellect
And your heart
Guide you.


Believe in the incredible power of the human mind.
Of doing something that makes a difference.
Of working hard.
Of laughing and hoping.
Of lazy afternoons.
Of lasting friends.
Of all the things that will cross your path this year.
The start of something new
Brings the hope of something great.
Anything is possible.
There is only one you.
And you will pass this way only once.
Do it right.
Author Unknown
–убрики:  английский

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ѕонедельник, 18 »юн€ 2007 г. 17:26 + в цитатник
¬алерка (»ностранные_€зыки) все записи автора The problem of loneliness of youth in the modern society and its influence on the psychiatric health of teens.
The famous scientists and doctors all over the world predict that the plague of the 21st century will be psychiatric diseases, all kinds of stresses and various depressions. How would they influence the most important and sensitive part of the society, the teens? They are the future. One of the biggest factors that can lead to any kind of psychiatric diseases is loneliness.
We are living in a dog-eat-dog world. A real, true, faithful friend is becoming a luxury with every coming day. The teens all over the world suffer a lot because they donТt have anyone they can trust and share with. As a result they try to hide their feelings and troubles, solving them by themselves, but when they fail a terrible thing can happenЕ
According to the newspaper УGuardian WeeklyФ(August 31 to September 6,2000; p.21):ФThe statistic reveals that men between the ages of 15 and 24 are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women of the same age.Ф
So the plague of the 21 century will mostly strike the male and who knows may be in 1000 years we would be living in no manТs world
–убрики:  английский

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ѕонедельник, 18 »юн€ 2007 г. 17:26 + в цитатник
¬алерка (»ностранные_€зыки) все записи автора Ukrainian hospitals
No matter how healthy you are today, there is always a grim possibility that an accident, injury or illness could lend you in a Ukrainian hospital tomorrow. An foreigners unfamiliar with the local hospitals may be socked by some fairly significant differences between the Western medical establishment and the Ukrainian health care system.
Here are things to keep in mind
 You will likely be in the hospital for longer than you think is necessary. Western hospitals tend to discharge the patients before the cast is even dry, Ukrainian hospitals expect patients to remain the hospitals to УrestФ even though their symptoms have long since passed.
 DonТt expect the hospitals to provide all you necessities. To say the hospitals are under funded is a major understatement. Many hospitals no longer feed patients or even provide medicine. Families are expected to bring in those things. For a comfortable hospital stay, be prepared to bring more than slippers and a magazine. Other items that are not provided include toilet paper, soap shampoo, lotion, towels and bedclothes. It is also helpful to bring a mobile phone because most hospitals rooms do not come equipped with telephones. For entertainment, consider getting a Walkman or Discman, plenty of books or magazines or cards or other games.
 Be prepared to ask questions and bring a translator if necessary. Herbal remedies and non-tradition methods are very popular in Ukraine Remember that you must take responsibilities for you own health
–убрики:  английский

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Advice from Bill Gates


ѕонедельник, 18 »юн€ 2007 г. 17:24 + в цитатник
¬алерка (»ностранные_€зыки) все записи автора Life is not fair. Get used to it.
The world wonТt care about your self-esteem .
You wonТt make $40.000 a year right out after school. You wonТt be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.
If you think your teacher is tough wait until you get a boss.
Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping. They called it opportunity.
If you mess up itТs not your parents fault so donТt whine about your mistakes, learn from them.
Before you were born your parents werenТt as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills; cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk how cool you are. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parents generation try delousing the closet in your own room.
Life is not divided into semesters. You donТt get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. Do that on your own time.
Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.
Be nice to nerds. Chances are youТll end up working for one.
–убрики:  английский

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ѕонедельник, 18 »юн€ 2007 г. 17:20 + в цитатник
¬алерка (»ностранные_€зыки) все записи автора THE CONFLICTS OF THE MODERN WORLD.

He, who commands the past, controls the future,

He, who controls the future, conquers the past.


In this composition I would like to discuss the conflicts of the modern world and the consequences of the competitive society. Being asked about this I usually start with a competitive society. Because this is the thing we face in every day life and always ask one question ourselves: ТWhy have we created the world full of troubles and problems whereas we ourselves live in it?Т This sounds really paradoxical but it is true. For instance, the taxes in our country bring so many troubles to people who want to start their own business that they simply have to find ways not to pay them. Thousands of examples all over the world can be given here but the idea is that, understanding all this, we do not try even to improve anything.

On the other hand competitive life exists even at school where pupils are to participate in a so-called Сracing gameТ which is based on gaining better marks and results in everything. This idea is not new that is why different people at different times tried to solve this problem. The most famous is the of about social equality. The idea of social equality is really silly, to my mind, because there will always be one who will think that he is better than the others and just only due to this we will not ever get equality.

On the contrary, if there is no competitive society there is no development. It is of no use of aspiring to the best. Nothing but a competitive society made a man make a flight to space. Besides, there were a lot of other discoveries, which improved the life and social conditions, which happened only due to competitive society.

I believe, that there exists only one solution. It is nesessary to develop the competitive society limited with a strict law. Because we do not realize that this competitive society reflects DarwinТs theory about survival but on a higher level. Moreover, we do not realize that the last level of such development is a war.

From my point of view, the problem of a war is the most urgent problem nowadays due to the invention of new high technological weapons and weapons of mass destruction. It is extremely important to bear in mind that the only horrible thing, which will ever happen, is the third world war.

Wars are counterproductive and useless. A war has no explanation. But why do wars start? According to history wars can start because of the territory division, problems of religion, envy, misunderstanding between diplomats. However, there are many other reasons why a war starts. The main idea is that people do not usually understand the causes of war and do not understand its reasons because politicians usually decide weather the war should start or not. But let us pass over to the history of wars.

The main idea is that the first thousand male human beings were ever gathered together, they belonged to an army, and large-scale slaughter of people happened soon afterwards. Moreover, the first army carried such weapons as spears, knives, axes, perhaps bows and arrows and its strength did not lie in mere members but in discipline and organisation. In addition, drill is what transforms a mob of individual fighters into an army. Therefore, the basic forms of military drill are among the most unchanging elements of human civilisation. Though every man died his own death, what happened was quite impersonal during the battle of well-drilled armies. The result is that thousands of men would die in half an hour, in an area not bigger than a couple of two football fields. Consequently, a question immediately comes to mind: СHow could men do this?Т The reason is that a formation of drilled men has a different psychology, which tends to overpower the personal identity and fears of the individuals. In conclusion, people will kill if they find themselves in a situation where their own survival is threatened and due to this anybody can be persuaded and manipulated in this way.

But the war has changed through the ages in some ways. First, the reasons of war somehow differ. Besides, the scale of wars has changed. In addition the technology has greatly changed and plenty of new weapons have appeared. But war has not changed in one thing. It is suffering it brings.

If you want my opinion then I am sure that I will never fight in a war if I do not understand the reasons and aims of this war. The only thing I will fight for is my family. Maybe, you are surprised because I havenТt said СmotherlandТ but I will not fight for my motherland if I find itТs politically wrong or not suitable for me.

Besides, what really irritates me is that a lot of important facts are neglected in our history books and, reading them, you get the impression that the Second World War for instance was nothing but a set of dates and battles. This makes the younger generation misunderstand the reality of war and understand it thoughtlessly.

Finally, letТs hope that there will never ever happen any war and there will be the time when people will understand all the uselessness of war.
–убрики:  английский

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ѕонедельник, 18 »юн€ 2007 г. 17:18 + в цитатник
¬алерка (»ностранные_€зыки) все записи автора Lifestyle and Being Green

Nowadays many environmental issues are in the news. All of them have a devastating effect on the Earth and people on the planet. If they are not being tackled it can turn out that people boost the dying of their planet.

The first urgent issue is the pollution of air, water and soil. Air pollution has a strong link with the traffic problem I'm going to speak about a bit later. Besides that polluting of the world's air is caused by poisonous wastes of industrial enterprises. This burning problem makes people do something about it, otherwise it won't be possible to breathe in industrialized towns and cities. This problem is being solved by filtering fume emissions and by moving industrial enterprises out of cities and towns.

Water or marine pollution is also partly caused by flowing of the poisonous water to different rivers, ponds, lakes and seas. But we also have to face the problem of oil in the world's waters. Oil tankers are not safe enough to guarantee the full isolation of the oil inside. Oil in the sea kills both flora and fauna and makes the water totally dead. This acute problem needs to be solved in a short period of time.

Soil pollution is caused by car fumes and misusing of it. Environmentalists say that it will take ten or more times more time to make it useful again than to pollute it and make it unsuitable neither for cultivating crops nor for growing trees.

Rare animals and plants extinction is also in the news these days. This issue is connected with cutting down forests, illegal hunting for fur animals and pollution. The idea is that every species is connected with all others and if one or more of them die out the link will be broken. This can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Perhaps one of the most burning ecological crisises is the greenhouse effect that leads to another one - global warming. The greenhouse effect is the property of the atmosphere to pass the solar energy to the surface of the Earth and to detain the thermal energy. The greenhouse effect causes acid rains, changes global weather patterns. Due to the global warming the greenhouse effect can lead to the melting of the polar ice caps. This will lead to the rising of the sea level, will cause floods, famine and people concentration.

Ozone depletion is also very dangerous. Ozone holes appear in the ozone layer of our planet. It has an extremely devastating effect on people - it can cause skin cancer, blindness and the suppression of immunity.

Energy consumption includes overusing of non-renewable sources of energy. No matter how strange in may seem but we are short of energy. Fossil fuels are exhausted. According to some environmentalists, it will take not more than a century for fossil fuels to be totally exhausted. That's why we are to search for alternative sources of energy such as solar power, wind power, geothermal power and so on.

Cutting rainforests means cutting our planet's lungs. Two thirds of the whole oxygen in the world are produced by rainforests. There's more to it, some medicines are made from rainforest plants. Many kinds of animals and plants are lost when the rainforests disappear. Even weather is changed by the destruction of rainforests. All these reasons should make the humanity stop destroying rainforests and take on active recycling instead.

And finally the most acute problem that is regarded as a social one is a throw-away society. At least one tonne of rubbish is thrown away every year by an average family of four. Only a little waste of glass is recycled, plastic is almost not recycled at all! Billions of drink cans are thrown away instead of being recycled. This problem is closely connected with people's lifestyle. Some of them change their way of life to become more friendly to the environment.

Being "green" means being aware of urgent problems of the environment and being interested in all things to do with the environment. Not everyone can campaign for environmental protection or animal rights but every human being is able to realize the need to protect the planet against destruction.

Using environment-friendly goods is not so difficult but is saves the environment. Ozone-friendly sprays and aerosols, washing-up liquids and washing powders are available in any shop and anyone can contribute to saving the planet by only using them.

Consuming water and energy prevents the Earth from being exhausted soon. Running on unleaded petrol means less car fumes in the air. Moreover, unleaded petrol is even cheaper and you'll save both the environment and your money by using it. Some people prefer bicycles to cars definitely because they want to keep the air cleaner! The problem of rubbish can be partly solved if we will be more "green". We can avoid following a throwaway lifestyle by sorting rubbish and bringing it to recycle plants and centers or special banks separately. Most of household wastes can be recycled.

The idea that looking after animals is as important as looking after the environment is widely spread nowadays. There's no doubt that animals are part of the environment, but as I see it, changing eating habits and becoming a vegetarian is too much. I don't see any cons of eating meat. I suppose that killing animals for food is OK because some of them are grown up for being killed for meat and fur. The argument for thinking is why don't we kill animals if sometimes they kill human beings? Moreover, animals kill themselves. However, there are many people considering killing animals to be out of moral. They campaign against testing drugs and cosmetics on animals, hunting animals for sport and many other things of this kind. In my opinion these things are quite possible if they don't seriously harm the natural link between species.

Which means of transport should you prefer when you're going on a trip? If you care about the environment you'll definitely choose one that doesn't harm the environment. Modern towns and cities faced the traffic problem long ago. The specialists suggest different ways of its solution. Some people think that if we build more roads the traffic will move more quickly and there'll be no traffic jams during rush-hours. Others suppose that if there are more roads there'll be more cars to fill them and they will be even more congested with traffic. Environmentalists suggest that we should develop the system of public transport for example, railways. If trains carry more people, the streets will be less congested with traffic and people. Moreover, cars pollute the air more than trains. Experienced motorists know how many people are killed and injured in road accidents.

However, cars are symbols of freedom and wealth for most people. According to researches, the number of cars will double in ten years and we'll inevitably have to solve the problem.

If you ask me about how "green" am I it will be difficult for me to give a short, definite and truthful answer. The first reason why I can't do it easily is that I still don't feel that all the environmental issues are global. Furthermore, many people believe that a problem doesn't touch their interests until they face it. No matter how strange it may seem, but I'm in the same situation. In addition, it's rather difficult to do something about the environment when most of other people around don't. However, I try to avoid using cars and try either to walk or to travel by public transport instead.

Anyway, I'm not ready to join Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth yet. Even if I want to join I'm sure I won't be useful. But I hope my attitude to the environment will change when I become a little older.

To draw a conclusion I can say that it's up to everyone to choose what to do to contribute to the saving of our planet. I wish everybody on the Earth were as willing to save the planet as people from Greenpeace.
–убрики:  английский

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“акс, начнем))


ѕонедельник, 18 »юн€ 2007 г. 15:18 + в цитатник
¬алерка (»ностранные_€зыки) все записи автора A Prayer to the Father
Almighty Father, Father of All You are my Dad, my Abba, my Father. I am Your child.....as if there were no other .....Yet, I know there are many. But still, in this moment, there is only You and I. And as I sit here, Father, I allow you to read from the silence of my heart, All that is written there. Read, O Lord, my needs, my wants, My desires. Read, O Lord, all that I have forgotten. Plant there, O Lord, a sense of trust That You have turned the pages of my heart... That You, O Lord, have read every line, Even those I have forgotten. Increase my trust, O Heavenly Father, That I should come to know That you have answered me Before I was born. Amen. Ж

A Prayer For Discernment
Dictated by Jesus in Message 497
Lord, I know You can do all things! Help my unbelief, my Lord and my God. Let me focus upon YOU, my Lord. That all which happens in my midst either helps or hinders me. I relinquish to you, O Lord God, the whole of me which is rightfully Yours from its start! O Lord, surround Me with those things, only those, which bring Me to You. Let Me not focus, Lord, so much upon Your Creation as I would upon You. For You are Truth, my Lord. And in Your Pure Light, all darkness becomes visible! Thank You, my Lord and my God, for the Vision You have given me since my Baptism into you. Enkindle in me, O Lord, a new spirit. That I might come to know the Truth from YOU, Who are Its Source! I give to YOU, O Lord, all opinion and judgment which lingers within me. I trust, O Lord God, that You shall guide me. Because I believe Your Word. You ARE the Word. Become Flesh! Alleluia! Lord God Almighty! Praise to You, O Lord! I render You my heart as an offering for the Sake of Truth. Your Will be done, O Lord God Almighty. All Power is Yours! Help me to discern every spirit by thrusting my entire being into the center of Your Most Sacred Heart. Here, let Your Fire burn from me the scales of the world. Grant to me, O Jesus Christ, the Eyes of Your Soul. Heart of Jesus! You are the Savior of the world! Heart of Jesus, become the beat of my own! Let Truth be visible through YOU, O Lord God! Let Your bread, now Body, and Your wine, now Blood, fill me and nourish me. May, truly, all that is within me cry "holy" because You, O God, have lived with within me first. I abandon all that distracts me and causes me to separate Myself from You. And I accept, O Lord, all that you would return to me as Truth. In Your Light. Amen."


Rosary Prayer
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
On July 8, 1994, I received a dictation from Blessed Mother. I have shared this with some and I observe it myself. When we pray together publicly (as at Church) our Rosary Group adds the prayer to the end of our Rosary where we pray some other additional prayers. We do this to honor what our Lady asks, yet to refrain from interjecting unapproved private revelation into the "formal" prayer as we pray together as Church.

[within words being received from Holy Mother, I hear.....]
.....You may say this: I am your Mother and I encourage you to use the power of my Rosary. Children, many of you add prayers of your own into my beads. But, children, I encourage you; I urge you to add this small prayer as you pray on the chain that links the Mysteries, one to the other. Children, will you do as I ask? Children, add this prayer: Lord, Jesus, send us holy priests, religious and lay ministers Who will lead us by their good example Especially in their Love and obedience to Your Peter of Rome. [Note: It is important that we pray, "Peter of Rome." Blessed Mother was very careful in explaining to me that there is a distinct difference between "Peter of Rome" and Peter from Rome.]


For Life in Him is the value pursued
Dictated in Message 597 by our Blessed Mother on 8/11/98.
[Blessed Mother leads us in prayer.....]

Dearest Father in heaven, we Your children seek life. Life through dying to self. Grant, O God, that we, Your children, shall grow as one family, here in this place, called Your Earth. See, O Heavenly Father, that they have come here in the company of me, who is their Mother by Your Word.....who is Your daughter by Your Generous Hand. See the Spirit Who is alive here because of Your Kind Breath. See the cleansing here because of Your Holy Son Who is mine by Your generous Hand. All Good things are Yours, O Heavenly Father. We submit ourselves to You, O God, that Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. See, O Lord, Your children gathered, praying that Your Eternal Will be done. Grace them, Dearest Father. By Your Hand, let me touch them with Your Grace. Have Mercy on these who gather to pray, my Lord. To do Your Will is their desire. Receive their imperfection as an act of dying to self. That in rendering what is a part of them, more Life in You would be revealed. Sweet God, their Savior is my Son. Through His Most Precious Blood are they saved. See them, O Lord, standing with me at the Foot of His Holy Cross. Hear their plea. Answer them, O Lord. I beg You in their behalf. Amen.

O daughter, O son. Do lay before the Feet of your God, your every need and intention. I have brought you here, to this Holy Place. All that is rendered is heard. In His Perfection all that is heard is answered. Trust in the Lord, dear ones! Trust in the Lord. Amen. Yes.....Two Hearts. Mine and His, my Son. Amen.


The Consecration of Priestly Hearts
"The Consecration of Priestly Hearts to the Heart of God and of Mary" Received in dictation from our Blessed Mother,August 18, 1998 (titled by our Lady, too) To be said, "Heart to heart. Before the Sacred Heart, His Eucharist. Amen."
Father in Heaven, see me before You, consecrating my own heart to the heart of my Mother Mary. See that in this union of hearts, I attach to myself, the heart of Your priests, especially (name.....). I bring to our Mother Mary my own heart and the heart of this one priest. I ask our Mother to receive my heart and the heart of this one who is Your Own, my God. Here in the union to Mother, am I in union in the Son. Heart to heart. Mine to this priest. Ours to theirs. Two hearts united in Love, in Hope, in Faith, O God Most High. Receive me, O Lord. Receive this priest (name.....). Receive us, O Lord, in this act of free consecration of this priestly people who I am with this priest; here into the heart of Mary. Through her, into the Heart of Jesus. One in You. Pure in You. Sanctified by the Blood of the Lamb. Whole in His Body. Redeemed by His Cross. Protected and strengthened by Your Grace. Inspired in all Truth by Your Eternal Spirit. In the company of the angels and the saints. With the Name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus upon our lips. Receive Me, O Lord. Receive this priest (name.....). I consecrate us to You, O Lord, through these Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Here before Your Son, now and forever. Amen.


A Prayer of Abandonment
"Here, Lord. Here I am, Lord. I have come to do Your Will. Pass through my heart, Lord. Gather what You find there, Lord, and take it all. Take ME, my Lord."

A Prayer for the Conversion of Heart
Mentioned in Message 765
Almighty Father, Father of All, to You I come with this request. Make of me a womb of life. O Father, bring forth from me the Life of Your Word. Enable me, Lord God, to proclaim without shame that which the Lord has done for me. O Father, give me strength to withstand the attack from the enemy. Let me not fall. Be my Strength, O God. Dearest Father, I am willing to be Your servant. My Jesus, I Love You. Nourish me with Your Bread of Life. Quench my thirst with Your Precious Blood. O Spirit of God, direct and guide me. Make of me Your Temple. Give me strength, O Spirit of God. Heavenly Father, remove my doubt. Let me trust freely in You. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, come and fill this empty womb. Let this creation who I am, show forth the Life Which is You. Let all see and come to know the Glory of God. Amen.

A Prayer "To join Me in Repairing the Breach"
Mentioned in Message 791
"Yes, Lord, I shall follow You. Freely and willingly. For the duration of my life, Lord. Lord, hear my prayer, and save Your servant. Lord, make of me Your Very Self. Come, Lord, and fill my void. May I gulp of your Goodness, Lord. Fill me, Lord. O Lord, be my strength. That in You, O Lord, by Your Strength, O Lord, the breach.....the gap might be filled with Your Presence; even as I am in You, O Lord; even as You are in me. Yes, Lord, I come to do You Will; even as I ask, freely, that Your Will be done in me. By the Power of Your Spirit, Lord. By the gentle smile of Your Mother, Lord. By the prayer of all who have gone before me, Lord. By the prayer of all who are yet to be, Lord. Yes, Lord, free my spirit. Come and dwell in me, O Lord. My Jesus, hear my prayer. Amen."
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